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#RetailProphetAMA: Demystifying China’s “New Retail”

Watch Doug Stephens, Founder and CEO of Retail Prophet and special guest Michael Zakkour, author of ‘New Retail Born in China Going Global’, as they do a deep-dive into China’s “New Retail” business model. What is it? Why was it vital in enabling Chinese retailers survival of COVID-19? And what can western retailers learn from its success?

New Retail and the Unification of eCommerce with Michael Zakkour

John speaks with author and eCommerce thought leader Michael Zakkour. Their fascinating conversation centers around “New Retail,” a futuristic model of commerce that Michael writes about in his book, “The New Retail Revolution”. Michael describes the changing nature of physical versus online retail and projects a unification of commerce into singular ecosystems. In one of our most riveting episodes yet, Michael brings enough thought-provoking ideas to satiate even the most extreme eCommerce nerds.

53: How COVID-19 is a 'new retail' tipping point,

with Michael Zakkour

In this episode, the guys welcome back Michael Zakkour, Founder and Chief Strategist of 5 New Digital. They discuss how the demands of the COVID-19 pandemic have spurred a leap forward in ecommerce and new retail in both China and the US, and which firms are positioned to benefit. James and Elliott also look at Meituan’s earnings, as well as recent short-report allegations of iQiyi.

Michael Zakkour

Conferences are a fantastic opportunity to meet people with a unique perspective on ecommerce. Today is the last of our Catalyst ChannelAdvisor Conference interviews with Michael Zakkour. Michael is the Vice President of China/APAC & Global eCommerce Practices at Tompkins Intl. We had the privilege of attending Michael’s lecture on Chinese “Super Consumers,” which explains the staggeringly rapid growth of the Chinese upper class. In this podcast, Michael is going to expand on how brands are reaching super consumers in China, and how counterfeiting is such an issue for the global marketplace.